Ford Expedition Timberline Off-Grid concept goes full overlander

With overlanding becoming more and more popular, it’s no surprise that Ford would create an overlander concept. And it has picked arguably the best vehicle in their fleet for the job (one with off-road capability and lots of room for camping and gear), the new 2022 Ford Expedition Timberline. The concept receives the Off-Grid surname, and it’s loaded with aftermarket bits to help would-be adventurers go as far as they can for as long as they want.

The truck itself receives an additional 2-inch lift with Fox 2.5-inch adjustable remote-reservoir shocks. They’re complemented with 35-inch General Grabber tires on 17-inch Method wheels. It also gets an absurd amount of lighting with Rigid light bars on top (50 inches), at the front (20 inches), on the hood (pod lights) and in the wheel wells (rock lights). Another cool touch is the custom fitment of the auxiliary switch pod from the F-150 Raptor to control things.

As for camping, the Expedition Timberline Off-Grid has a few provisions for sleeping. Up top is a rooftop tent, and inside, above the custom drawer storage is a mattress with room for two. A fold out awning can expand covered living space, and there’s a portable shower room, too. An AGM battery provides power for interior accessories. The trailer at the back is the largest available from a company called Turtleback, and it contains a 42-gallon water tank, 6-gallon water heater, sink, propane stove and propane tank, tables and a solar panel. Many of these accessories are from aftermarket companies or custom-built, but the rooftop tent, awning and portable shower are available through Ford dealers, as is a transmission shield for off-roading protection.

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