German sales fell 22% in April on supply shortages

MUNICH — Polestar and Tesla were the big winners in a German market hit badly by supply shortages in April.

Germany’s new-car registrations fell 22 percent to 180,264 last month, according to KBA motor transport authority data.

Polestar’s registrations were up 203 percent and Tesla sales grew 34 percent.

Polestar and Tesla boosted sales despite overall sales of battery-electric cars declining, as mainstream automakers such as Volkswagen had to reduce EV production due to parts shortages caused by the chips crisis and Ukraine war.

Sales of full-electric cars fell 6.9 percent to 22,175 for a 12.3 percent market share. Plug-in hybrid registrations dropped by 20 percent to 21,697 for a 12.0 percent share.

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Other winners last month included Mitsubishi, up 30 percent and Kia, up 27 percent. Toyota volume increased 6.1 percent, while Porsche was up 3.9 percent.

The biggest losers in April included Mini, which fell 47 percent, Renault, which dropped 40 percent and Opel, down 32 percent. Volkswagen’s volume plummeted 31 percent, while Mercedes-Benz was down 25 percent.

Through April, German market sales fell 9 percent to 806,218.

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