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Ewan McGregor Reacts to His Iconic Star Wars Line Becoming an Online Sensation – E! Online

“I was like, ‘Oh, now I’ve got him,'” he joked about completing the move. “‘Now I’ve got Hayden.'”

The Star Wars franchise is all about father-son dynamics, something McGregor can relate to after the birth of his fifth child and first son, 11-month-old Laurie, in June 2021 with his wife, actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

“There’ll be lots of advice that I impart on my son, but it’s much more of an organic thing, isn’t it, when you’re parenting somebody,” he shared. “Obi-Wan has some great pearls of wisdom for Luke Skywalker, for instance. But, you know, I’m gonna know my son better than Obi-Wan knows Luke Skywalker. So, it’ll be different.”

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