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Lisa Kudrow Teams Up With Drew and Jonathan Scott for HGTV Episode – E! Online

Looks like Phoebe Buffay is picking up a new side gig!

Lisa Kudrow is guest-starring on an upcoming episode of HGTV‘s Celebrity IOU. With the help of Drew and Jonathan Scott, the Friends actress will surprise her cousin Thea with a stunning condo remodel. The trio will revamp the condo while Thea is out of town, as Lisa’s plan is to give her cousin, who she describes as her best friend, a stylish yet durable home.

Thea has lost both of her parents in recent years and is selflessly committed to rescuing and adopting abused and older animals. Lisa will update her living area and outdoor patio in order to “accentuate her eclectic taste and create a more comfortable and functional home,” according to the episode description.

And while Lisa is hesitant to jump into demolition, she “will go all in to kick down a wall, pull up old tiles and tear out cabinet doors with Drew and Jonathan. Then, they’ll incorporate luxury vinyl flooring, performance fabric furniture and an outdoor dog run that will serve Thea and her four-legged friends for years to come.”

We can already tell this episode will give us more joy than listening to Smelly Cat! 

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