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My 600-lb. Life Sneak Peek: “Cheat Day” Fried Chicken Tenders Cause Drama – E! Online

“My 600 lb. Life”: Ryan Barkdoll’s Cheat Meal Causes Drama

A diet disaster. 

In an exclusive sneak peek at My 600-lb. Lifeairing tomorrow, Wednesday, Dec. 15 on TLCRyan Barkdoll is caught breaking his diet, just when he’d reached a new milestone. 

“After my appointment yesterday, I came home and told my mom immediately the good news, that Dr. Now says I’m ready to go to Houston,” Ryan explains about his upcoming Texas-based weight loss surgery. “I want to go as soon as possible. We need to start getting ready for that.” 

However, Ryan can’t resist ordering fried chicken nuggets instead of sticking to his diet, even after his mom and her boyfriend Leroy shared their support. But to Ryan, ordering fast food is a form of a celebration. 

“I’m going to be able to get the help I need,” Ryan continues via voice-over. “It felt really good to not only see my hard work pay off but to also hear my mom and Leroy are really proud of me.”

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