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WWE Addresses Naomi and Sasha Banks’ Shocking Absence From Match – E! Online

The WWE is speaking out after Naomi and Sasha Banks were noticeably absent from Monday Night Raw.

In a statement released May 17, the organization confirmed, “During the broadcast, they walked into WWE Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis office with their suitcases in hand, placed their tag team championship belts on his desk and walked out.”

According to the organization, Sasha, real name Mercedes Varnado, and Naomi, née Trinity Fau, felt “they weren’t respected enough as tag team champions” and claimed they had safety concerns. “Even though they had eight hours to rehearse and construct their match, they claimed they were uncomfortable in the ring with two of their opponents even though they’d had matches with those individuals in the past with no consequence,” the statement continued. “Monday Night Raw is a scripted live TV show, whose characters are expected to perform the requirements of their contract.”

The statement concluded, “We regret we were unable to deliver, as advertised, tonight’s main event.”

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