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You’ll Need a Beach Towel, Not a Box of Tissues for the 100th Episode of This Is Us – E! Online

This Is Us warning you that tears are going to flow.

The April 12 episode of This Is Us will put the divorce of Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby (Chris Sullivan) at the forefront. Though it’s been a long time coming,  it will still be an emotional rollercoaster. “I don’t want to say, ‘Bring out the tissues,’ because it’s not special enough for how special this episode is going to be,” executive producer K.J. Steinberg told Entertainment Weekly. “I’d say, “Get a beach towel instead of a box of tissues.”

Perhaps even have some comfort food at the ready, recommends executive producer Elizabeth Berger. “If you have followed along with this couple and you’ve loved them over the years, have your ice cream sundae prepared,” she said, “either as you’re watching or for immediately after you watch.”

Although it’s a sad moment to see two beloved characters go their separate ways, this is for the best, according to the team. “Kate and Toby do everything they could possibly do to try and save this marriage,” Berger explained. “These are not two people that threw their hands up in the air and didn’t really try and fight and we are definitely going to be seeing them fight throughout this episode.”

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