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Charlie Brown Specials & New Snoopy Show Episodes Coming To Apple TV+

Apple TV+ announces the arrival of new episodes of The Snoopy Show as well as a variety of new and classic Charlie Brown and Peanuts content.

A wide range of Charlie Brown specials, as well as new episodes of The Snoopy Show, are on their way to Apple TV+ this summer. The subscription streaming service debuted The Snoopy Show in early 2021 to a very eager and receptive audience. The series jumped straight back into the lives of the famed beagle, his good friend Charlie Brown, and, of course, all the classic characters from creator Charles M. Schulz’s beloved group of animated pals.

Originally developed by Schulz in 1950, the Peanuts comic strip appeared in several newspapers throughout America, establishing a fanbase over time. By the early 1960s, Schulz had developed the characters into what fans are more likely to recognize today as the Peanuts gang. In December of 1965, the first Peanuts TV special – A Charlie Brown Christmas – arrived to instant acclaim, resulting in CBS rerunning it annually from 1965 to 2000. But in 2018, the entire Peanuts franchise was secured by Apple, with the promise to not only provide a platform for all of the Charlie Brown specials, but to also explore new creative avenues with The Snoopy Show and several other new projects.


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The second successful season of The Snoopy Show may have just come to an end in March of 2022, but according to Variety, Apple has confirmed that new episodes will arrive on its Apple TV+ streamer starting August 5. But that’s not all. Peanuts fans have an exciting summer lined up for them, with Lucy’s School – a special starring Lucy Van Pelt arriving August 12, as well as classic Peanuts specials A Charlie Brown Celebration, He’s A Bully, Charlie Brown, He’s Your Dog, Charlie Brown, It Was A Short Summer, Charlie Brown, It’s Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown, There’s No Time For Love, Charlie Brown, Why, Charlie Brown, Why?, You’re In Love, Charlie Brown and You’re The Greatest, Charlie Brown, all on which launch on August 5.

There’s certainly more than enough content to keep fans busy, and given how well received the first two seasons of The Snoopy Show have been, Apple’s third season of the series should be a welcome arrival. Apple had initially stirred up a small amount of controversy among Peanuts fans after announcing that none of the classic Charlie Brown seasonal specials would appear on basic cable following the acquisition. After a brief campaign by those who didn’t subscribe to Apple TV+ to change this, Apple relented and PBS was able to run classics such as It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and, of course, A Charlie Brown Christmas.

At present, it’s still not clear exactly what else Apple has in store for followers of the Peanuts franchise. Undoubtedly a feature film will arrive at some point, with 2015 having been the last time that Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang were given the big-screen treatment. The Peanuts Movie was a hit both critically and financially, meaning that a second outing is very likely in the works. For now, at least, Apple is clearly busy getting as much of The Snoopy Show and additional Charlie Brown and Peanuts content on the streaming service as possible. In that way, at least, fans who are hoping for a new film will still have lots to keep them busy in 2022.

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Source: Variety

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