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Legacies: Lizzie’s Heretic Trick Made Up For Season 4 Wasting Her

Although many fans thought Legacies star Lizzie was wasting season 4 in the Therapy Box her heretic transformation proved the plan was worth the wait.

Caution: Minor spoilers ahead for Legacies season 4.

Although it seemed as if Legacies season 4 was badly wasting Lizzie’s character, the show finally proved that a payoff was in store when the character died and came back as a heretic. It’s not uncommon for Legacies characters to return from the dead. The love interest of series lead Hope Mikaelson, Landon Kirby has had more Legacies deaths than many viewers can count, and has always returned through some means or another.

However, this doesn’t stop some character deaths on The Originals follow-up from packing an emotional punch from time to time. Although the show’s early seasons were rarely as outright tragic as its franchise predecessor The Vampire Diaries, Legacies season 4 has seen the series borrow some of that earlier hit’s darker elements. For example, when Hope’s humanity was turned off and she became an amoral villain known as the Tribrid, the character was not restored to her cheery self any time soon.


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Hope is still a villainous killer mid-way through Legacies season 4, and this dark turn from the show’s former heroine has resulted in most of the show’s supporting characters receiving more development and plot focus than ever before. However, this has not been true for the entire Legacies season 4 ensemble. For episodes on end, the hot-headed Lizzie talked a big game about her plan to kill Hope, but Legacies season 4 saw her waste a chance to defeat the Tribrid as she was busy planning revenge while the rest of the cast took on the villain. However, her recent transformation made up for this slow-burn setup.

Legacies season 4 episode 4 finale hope lizzie josie

When Lizzie finally came face to face with Hope, for a moment Legacies season 4 seemed to be setting up its cruelest twist yet. Despite all her big talk, Lizzie was too emotionally invested in Hope’s humanity to take her down and, thanks to a dirty trick by the villain, she got her neck snapped an instant later. It was a devastating twist, but the revelation that Lizzie had a backup plan and used her temporary death to transform into a heretic proved that, in the heel of the hunt, she did have a plan all along.

Particularly when Josie’s Legacies exit put an early end to any plans to reach Hope via emotional appeals, the revelation that Lizzie could now potentially fight (and beat) the Tribrid was a triumphant one. The moment made up for earlier Legacies season 4 episodes wherein Lizzie spent valuable time where Josie and company were confronting Hope scheming away in the Therapy Box. The death and subsequent transformation proved her plan (and Lizzie’s attendant absence from much of Legacies season 4) was worth all that effort. The therapy box scenes, in particular, seemed like a case of Lizzie acting out fantasies when she could have been assisting the Super Squad’s attempts to save Hope’s soul, which made it all the more satisfying when they paid off. While Lizzie is one of Legacies more self-interested characters, the show used this to her advantage by setting up her satisfying heretic reveal.

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New episodes of Legacies air Thursday nights at 9 PM ET on The CW.

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