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Lucifer: Lucifer’s 11 Most Emotional Quotes

Lucifer may be the Lord of Hell and the most feared entity in existence as the Devil, but the character has gone through some rough times and has some deep emotional wounds. In Lucifer, he started out as a suave, cool, and put-together character that had just about everything he ever wanted. But as the show progressed, fans got to see his more emotional side and what plagues his heart. It’s no secret that Lucifer never got over being cast out of heaven by his father and having his family turn their backs on him. He spent years being seen as the definition of pure evil. This led to some of his most emotional yet heartfelt lines about betrayal, love, darkness, and wanting to be accepted.


Updated on August 10th , 2022 by Amanda Bruce: Lucifer Morningstar might be known for some great one-liners and a flirtatious sense of humor, but he’s also got a lot of bottled up emotions during the show. Some fans might be quick to guess that his most emotional moments involve his love life as much of his growth is centered on his life with Chloe Decker, but that’s not always the case. His struggles with his family are what really allow him to open up and be vulnerable for the audience.

“Rory, Please! You Have To Be Better Than Me!”

S6E10 – Partners ‘Til The End

Once Lucifer meets his daughter from the future, he’s determined to prove that he wouldn’t just abandon her. It’s not until Rory is kidnapped on the day he’s supposed to vanish from her life forever that she realizes how much he truly cares for her – and just why he has to vanish. Her anger at being used against her father though has her trying to use her wings as a weapon against those who would harm him.

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Lucifer tries to talk her down, and his plea for her to be better than him is a desperate one. It’s one of, if not the most, emotional moment Lucifer has on the show.

“My First Love Was Never Eve. It Was You, Chloe.”

S4E10 – Who’s Da New King Of Hell?

Fans were distraught in the finale of Season 4. The main characters fight to keep Charlie safe from the demons in hell who need a new ruler. Lucifer comes to the heartbreaking realization that his time on Earth was always limited. In order to keep Chloe and everyone away from harm, he makes the decision to return to hell, one of the many times fans pitied Lucifer. The scene was emotional and Chloe admits that she loves Lucifer. But, Lucifer knows the truth and reassures Chloe that Eve was never his first love. Chloe was the one who changed who he was for the better and loved him and she was the only person Lucifer ever felt protective towards.

“People Sometimes Kill The People With Whom They’re In Love…”

S1E01 – Pilot

“…the heart’s mysterious.” This quote was said by Lucifer in the very first episode of the show when he’s investigating Delilah’s death. He goes to visit her rapper boyfriend who tries to prove to Lucifer that he didn’t kill Delilah because he loved her. Lucifer isn’t convinced and says the line that even people in love are willing to kill. Analyzing further, Lucifer, of all people, would know this best. Being the Devil, he’s seen his fair share of people claiming to be in love but committing some of the worst human deeds.

“People Don’t Arrive Broken. They Start With Passion And Yearning…”

S2E03 – Sin-Eater

“… ’til something comes along that disabuses them of those notions.” The conversation leading to this line in season 2, episode 3 of Lucifer has fans sympathizing for the Devil. Chloe and Lucifer investigate a vigilante who is taking punishment into their own hands. They soon find themselves at a company that rids the internet of heinous videos or online material. Chloe believes that the suspect was evil all along and the job they chose made them snap. Lucifer disagrees, saying that no one chooses to be “sin-eaters” consuming the world’s filth. This is a clear metaphor for Lucifer’s own life and then he delivers this line explaining that it’s outside circumstances, events, emotions that truly break someone.

“It Hurts, Not Being Accepted For Who You Are.”

S2E04 – All About Eve

Fans saw, throughout the entire show, Lucifer struggling to break free of the image the world placed on him. This was especially true when it came to Chloe trying to accept Lucifer for actually being the Devil and looking past it. In season 4, episode 4, Eve makes her surprise appearance and has heart-to-heart with Lucifer in his penthouse.

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Eve talks about how she never felt loved by Adam – she was simply created for him. Fans can see how not being loved for who she really was hurt Eve. Seeing as Lucifer knows that Chloe still can’t come to terms with accepting him, he says this line while looking saddened and broken. Lucifer knows exactly how Eve feels in regards to not being loved.

“Sometimes Betrayal Come From The Ones We Expect The Least.”

s4E03 – O, Ye of Little Faith, Father

Lucifer had a set image of himself and the way he saw his father’s betrayal, but he never expected those closest to him to stab him in the back as well. In “O, Ye of Little Faith, Father,” Lucifer learns that Chloe, in one of her worst acts in the show, conspired with Father Kinley in her trip to Rome and planned to send Lucifer back to hell. While investigating the murder of an employee, Chloe makes a remark about a good and caring boss not having the capacity to murder an employee. Lucifer turns to her and says this quote with a pointed gaze and tone. Lucifer never expected the person he loved the most to betray him after he mustered up the courage to tell her the truth of who he was.

“If All The Apples Are Bad … Maybe It’s The Tree…”

S5E09 – Family Dinner

Fans finally got to see the highly anticipated yet dreadful family dinner in episode nine of the fifth season. Linda, Michael, Amenadiel, and Lucifer sit down for a meal, but it turns into a tense situation, with Lucifer finally letting loose his anger. Lucifer can’t keep his rage hidden as to why God made him torture countless souls for eternity. Despite doing his “job,” Lucifer still wasn’t good enough for his father. He then says the line about bad apples and that if Lucifer, Michael, and even Amendaiel have done wrong, then maybe it was God that is rotten. This implies, that Lucifer thinks that they aren’t the problem, their father is.

“I Am Trying To Be God So That I Can Finally Be Worthy Of Her.”

S5E15 – Is This Really How It’s Going To End?!

With the impending battle for who gets to be God between Michael and Lucifer, a storyline to remember is that Lucifer tries to rally his siblings to his side. After failing with one sibling, Lucifer tries to appease Zadkiel, but it doesn’t go as planned. Zadkiel doesn’t believe Lucifer can do the job, thinking he hasn’t changed. In an emotional stint, Lucifer tells him the truth as to why he wants to become God – for love. Lucifer is doing everything possible so that he can finally be worthy of Chloe’s love. It’s heartbreaking to hear that Lucifer, on his own, doesn’t believe he’s good enough for his true love and that proving himself is the only way.

“You Shouldn’t Have To Change For Anyone. And Neither Should I.”

S4E08 – Super Bad Boyfriend

Lucifer and Eve’s relationship had its good moments, but in the end, they were overshadowed by how they no longer fit into their lives. In season 4, Lucifer can’t go on living the carefree party life that Eve wants. Lucifer also knows that he can’t love Eve the ways she truly deserves.

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Both were trying to change who they are to make each other happy. In their breakup, Lucifer knows that Eve deserves someone who loves her for being who she really is and vice versa. He says the line that neither of them should have to change who they are if it doesn’t feel right.

“And I Can’t Stop Asking Myself. Why Do I Hate Myself So Much?!”

S4E08 – Super Bad Boyfriend

In the same episode where Lucifer breaks it off with Eve, he goes to see Linda distraught and utterly broken. Lucifer starts to lose control, as his wings and his devil face all return and he feels like it’s all his fault. This emotional moment gets worse, as Lucifer believes that there’s something truly rotten inside of him. Fans should remember that by this point in the show, Chloe is having a hard time accepting Lucifer and Lucifer only blames himself. This is one of the few reasons why their relationship was problematic. By the end of the episode, fans and Linda both tear up as Lucifer breaks down in anguish, wondering why he hates himself.

“It Doesn’t Matter If You’re A Sinner… If You’re A Saint.. What’s The Point?”

S1E09 – A Priest Walks Into A Bar

In the first season, Lucifer had many sad and heartbreaking scenes that had fans feeling bad for him. But the biggest was when his newfound friend, Frank Lawrence, was killed and Lucifer yelled at his father after Frank’s death. A priest, Frank accepts that Lucifer is exactly who he says he is, and he isn’t put off by that. Lucifer’s anger is at realizing that it doesn’t matter if someone is pious or not when someone else can quickly end their life. He doesn’t understand why God took Frank away, despite being an obedient servant. His line also applies to himself, as he was once a good son but made mistakes and was forever punished. Even after dutifully being hell’s ruler, he still wasn’t seen as worthy.

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