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Marvel’s Wolverine: Classic Costumes Insomniac Must Include

Marvel’s Wolverine is set to be the first Marvel game by Insomniac not to center around Spider-Man, but if it wants to match the appeal of Marvel’s Spider-Man, it will need to feature several classic costumes the iconic X-Men hero wore in the comics. While very little information has been released since Marvel’s Wolverine‘s cinematic trailer was shown, if Insomniac’s previous games are any indication, the game will likely feature a wide array of unlockable skins from Marvel Comics, other Marvel games, and the X-Men films. Having been a member of the X-Men since 1975’s Giant-Size X-Men #1 and having debuted a year before in The Incredible Hulk #180, Wolverine has had many iconic costumes and designs throughout the years, giving Marvel’s Wolverine plenty of inspiration to pull from.


Insomniac’s previous Marvel games, Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, were both huge hits among fans. One of the aspects that was praised in the game was how many suits players could choose from, allowing them to don their favorite designs from Marvel Comics or the films. While Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will likely continue adding suits and feature a massive selection, Marvel’s Wolverine may be structured differently. However, it would be a big mistake for Insomniac not to include many of these classic designs as alternate skins, as they were one of the largest draws from the previous game, and will no doubt pull player interest for Marvel’s Wolverine, especially among the more dedicated fanbase of the characters.

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So far, no gameplay has been shown off for Marvel’s Wolverine, and it is still a bit of a mystery as to how the game will look like. In addition, very little has been revealed about the character’s visual design. The pre-rendered trailer for the game shows off the inside of what looks to be the Princess Bar, which has led some to speculate that Marvel’s Wolverine may be set in Madripoor. Viewers are given a quick glimpse of Wolverine’s back, before seeing a close-up of his fist as he extends his claws. In the trailer, Wolverine appears to be dressed down, wearing a plaid button-up and a cowboy hat. It’s possible this may be the main outfit players will wear in the game, as the character’s previous game appearances have sometimes used his civilian wardrobe too. There’s also a chance that Insomniac will create its own design for Wolverine’s costume, similar to the Advanced Suit in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Whatever the character’s main outfit though, there are a number of classic looks from the comics that should also make an appearance.

Costumes That Should Appear In Marvel’s Wolverine – Weapon X

Wolverine breaking out of the Weapon X program in X-Men comics

Wolverine’s Weapon X suit isn’t actually much of a suit at all. Rather, it’s the remnants of various technology that was strapped to Wolverine while he was undergoing the process of having the adamantium metal bonded to his skeleton while part of the Weapon X program. Since Insomniac has already confirmed that Marvel’s Wolverine will feature a mature tone, including the Weapon X suit would not only a great way to link back to the program that made him into Wolverine, but also to spotlight the pain he’s endured throughout the years.

While the Weapon X suit isn’t one worn regularly by Wolverine in Marvel Comics, it’s become an iconic part of his character as it harkens back to the pain he endured while being subjected to the program. Plus, the Weapon X suit has the benefit of just looking really cool. Not only does it show off Wolverine’s immensely muscular frame, it also features a visor that would make even Cyclops jealous.

Marvel’s Wolverine Game Should Feature Logan’s X-Force Suit

Wolverine Grey X-Force Suit

Although not spotlighted in previous games, Wolverine, along with other X-Men, has served on several of the group’s smaller, spin-off teams. In particular, he has spent a lot of time working for X-Force, a team that was originally formed by Cable as a more militaristic version of the X-Men. X-Force has often been considered the black ops team to the X-Men, carrying out missions that the X-Men can’t be seen doing, as they often aren’t heroic and require more violent methods. Said storylines have seen Wolverine lead other X-Men on missions to assassinate a reincarnated version of Apocalypse, and even to confront his own son, Daken.

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Rumors and job listings posted by Insomniac have seemed to indicate that Marvel’s Wolverine will be a violent game, and Logan’s X-Force suit might be the perfect one for him to wear while resorting to his darker side. Wolverine has often been portrayed as a more violent anti-hero type when compared to other X-Men such as Cyclops, having emerged during the Bronze Age of Comics in the 1970s. And while Wolverine has often tried to leave his violent past behind, it inevitably catches up with him – none more so than when he’s leading the X-Men’s shadowy off-the-books equivalent.

Old Man Logan Outfit Should Be In Insomniac’s Wolverine Game

Old Man Logan

Old Man Logan is an alternate universe version of Wolverine from a post-apocalyptic world. This storyline and version of the character have become so popular that they helped to inspire the older portrayal of the character in the 2010 film, Logan. Marvel’s Wolverine should distance itself from Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of the character, but it could take inspiration from the popular Marvel Comics storyline and include Old Man Logan as an unlockable skin. Not only is the design of Old Man Logan popular and iconic, but it helps to highlight the older, world-weary side of Wolverine that exists in all versions of the character.

Old Man Logan started off as just an alternate universe version of the character from the Old Man Logan comics storyline, but he has grown to become an iconic part of the character. Not only is one of the most popular and beloved alternate universe versions of a Marvel hero, but he eventually made his way into the 616 universe and teamed up with the X-Men for a time. This broken and morally complex version of the character just features more extreme aspects of Wolverine’s personality. Since Marvel’s Wolverine and Spec Ops: The Line – a game known for its dark and morally complex storytelling – share a writer, the game could provide the perfect opportunity to delve into these complexities, and having Old Man Logan as an unlockable skin could be the perfect nod to the storyline and version of the character that helped deepen him.

Marvel’s Wolverine Needs Logan’s Iconic Yellow & Blue Costume

X-Men Marvel Comics Wolverine

When most comics fans think of Wolverine from Marvel Comics, they likely picture him in his blue and yellow suit. Not only is this the suit Wolverine has spent the most time wearing throughout the years, but it’s also the suit worn by the character in the iconic 90s X-Men: The Animated Series, which is responsible for introducing many fans to the iconic team. It has also been worn by Wolverine in the mutant-led X-Men Legends Marvel games, along with several other game appearances. If any appearance were to be a must-have in Marvel’s Wolverine, this would be it.

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With a character as long running and popular as Wolverine, there are bound to be a wealth of designs that game developers can inspiration from when introducing him in game. With Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man, the design of these suits and the number of them in-game became a big draw for players, with many of them spending hours in-game trying to capture the perfect photo of their favorite suit in both Spidey games’ photo modes. Marvel’s Wolverine could feature a similar draw if it brought in an extensive number of suits that were accurate to their original designs in the comics or films, which would in turn extend the game’s playtime far beyond the story itself.

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