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Minecraft: How to Get (& Use) Lightning Rods

Lightning Rods are helpful blocks in Minecraft that can be used to protect passive mobs from lightning strikes, and they can be used as decorations.

Lightning Rods is a unique block in Minecraft that is able to redirect lightning during rainy thunderstorms. While lightning will seldomly strike a player, it still can have an effect on the player in indirect ways. For example, a Creeper struck by lightning will become “charged,” causing it to create an explosion ×2 the power of a regular Creeper in Minecraft Survival Mode. Such an effect can be devasting to any home or base structure.

Lightning will also strike passive mobs such as Pigs and Villagers. Pigs struck by a thunderbolt will turn into Zombified Piglin, which aren’t immediately hostile to the player but will be an annoyance wandering about a pig farm. On the other hand, lightning-struck Villagers will transform into Witches, hostile mobs that will attack the player and other nearby Villagers. As a result, a town of Traders could potentially be eradicated if the Witch isn’t put down soon by a player. Therefore, having a Lightning Rod nearby for protection from the stormy elements can provide great passive benefit to Minecraft fans.


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Minecraft Lightning Rods can divert lighting strikes within a 128-block radius in Java Edition and a 64-block radius in Bedrock. Unlike Sand or Gravel, Lightning Rods are not affected by gravity and can defy physics in Minecraft, floating in the air even if their supporting block is removed. It can be oriented in all directions, but it is recommended to expose them to the sky for the best possible utility. Additionally, Lightning Rods offer different use beyond their core function. Players can use the block as decorations, such as make-believe pipes, handles, or fencing.

How to Make Lightning Rods in Minecraft

How to Make Lightning Rods in Minecraft

Lightning Rods do not naturally generate within a world, meaning that they cannot be found in biomes or looted from chests. Instead, they are craftable items from Copper. To make a Lightning Rod in Minecraft, players will need to place ×3 Copper Ingots vertically on the 3×3 crafting grid to make a single rod. Copper Ingots are smelted from Copper Ore, a common mineral found in Minecraft.

Copper Ore in Minecraft can be found within caverns or mines from levels Y: 0 to Y: 96. However, players will have the highest chance of discovering Copper at Y: 63, an elevation slightly below sea level. Keep in mind that a Stone or higher-tier Pickaxe is required to mine Copper. Using a Wooden Pickaxe to mine the ore will destroy the block with nothing dropped.

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Minecraft is available on PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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