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Minecraft: The Best Tool Enchantments to Get First

Tool enchantments in Minecraft are essential to make the game’s most basic tasks much easier and less time-consuming. There are a few to get first.

Usually, when Minecraft players are late in their survival worlds, they’ll begin to use an enchantment table to enchant their best pieces of armor or weapons. Most players will wait until they’ve mined enough diamonds in Minecraft to make diamond tools before enchanting any of their armor pieces, so there’s no need to worry about enchanting until players are ready to tackle the game’s tougher challenges like the Nether or the Ender Dragon boss. Regardless of when players decide to enchant their gear, there are Enchantments that players are going to want to look for first.

The two most important enchantments on any piece of Minecraft equipment, whether weapon or tool, are Unbreaking and Mending. The Unbreaking enchantment will make tools last much longer before they break. There are three levels for the Unbreaking enchantment: Unbreaking I is the weakest and least expensive level of the enchantment, while Unbreaking III is the strongest and most expensive level of the enchantment. The other enchantment, Mending, is essential in Minecraft’s survival mode. Mending will repair any piece of armor being worn whenever the player gains XP. This means players can repair any of their gear passively and without an anvil taking their levels upon repair.


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Enchantments for tools in Minecraft are some of the best and most useful enhancements for crafting and mining. There are Pickaxe enchantments, like Fortune and Silk Touch, that change the ways players interact with ores and blocks. There’s the Efficiency enchantment, which should go on all tools just like Mending/Unbreaking, that decreases the amount of time it takes to mine blocks. Maxing this enchantments level will make blocks seem like they are disappearing instantly while mining them with the right tool. Tools that have the Efficiency enchantment and that are upgraded using Minecraft’s new Ancient Debris will provide the fastest mining time for any blocks.

The Best Tool Enchantments to Get First in Minecraft

Minecraft The Best Tool Enchantments to Get First shovel

Apart from Unbreaking III and Mending, which should be used on every tool, these are the tool-specific enchantments players should get first in Minecraft:


  • Silk Touch – Allows players to mine blocks without them changing into a different block (For example, Stone to Cobblestone).
  • Fortune III – Has a chance to multiply the number of ores players receive from mining and increases the odds of rare items like flint dropping from other blocks.
  • Efficiency V – Increases mining speed.


  • Efficiency V – Increases mining speed.


  • Efficiency V – Increases mining speed.
  • Silk Touch – Allows players to mine blocks without them changing into a different block (For example, Stone to Cobblestone).

Fishing Rod:

  • Luck of the Sea III – Increases the chance of catching treasure and lowers the chance of catching junk items/blocks.
  • Lure III – Decreases the wait time for catching fish.


Enchanting tools in Minecraft will make many of the game’s most basic tasks, like gathering wood, much easier and more efficient.

Upgrading diamond enchanted tools with Minecraft’s new strongest ore, Netherite, will have players mining out blocks in nearly one click of their mouse or trigger. The Fishing Rod’s Luck of the Sea enchantment can randomly award players rare and useful items while fishing, like enchanted armor,  weapons, and tools, or books to use for enchanting at an anvil. Players should look for any of these enchantments while they upgrade their tools.

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Minecraft is available on PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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