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Selling Sunset: Netflix Renews Show For Two More Seasons

After the release of Selling Sunset season 4 and the end of season 5 filming, the series confirms “excitement” from the cast for seasons 6 and 7.

As fans eagerly await the return of Netflix’s Selling Sunset, the show confirms two more seasons of the beloved real estate drama. Just this year, Selling Sunset returned for one of its most dramatic seasons, giving fans a glimpse into the lives of the Oppenheim agents as they navigate their social lives and company amidst the pandemic. From Christine Quinn and Emma Hernan’s ex to the division involving Heather’s wedding, the cast had a number of hot topics to cover during season 4, leading to plenty of excitement and chaos in the office as the series progresses.

With rumors of Selling Sunset season 5 being released on Netflix soon, fans have plenty of storylines to be excited about, and the series is promising a number of exciting updates on the cast in upcoming seasons. From romance to feuds, the cast has faced a number of changes since the release of season 4. Due to news updates and the cast’s social media accounts, some of the most exciting moments from upcoming seasons will most likely be spoiled to a degree, including Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim’s breakup. Fans may have had some of the fun spoiled for them but the upcoming seasons of the series will have enough insider information and buzzworthy commentary to keep subscribers engaged.


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As shared by Us Weekly, secretive sources have revealed that the cast is “excited” to announce Selling Sunset will be adding a 6th and 7th season on Netflix. Selling Sunset season 5 has yet to be released on the streaming platform, and season 4 was only just released on November 24. With new agents and new theatrics, seasons 5-7 are certain to be filled with just as many extraordinary Hollywood homes and addictive Oppenheim drama, with fans specifically looking to see how Emma and Vanessa Villela assimilate into the office after only just appearing in season 4. While the cast and fans are ready for more seasons of Selling Sunset, seasons 6 and 7’s release dates will be pushed back, allowing the cast to have “a bit of a break” before they return for filming.

With plenty of changes amongst the cast, Selling Sunset has a promising future ahead, fans helping the series to quickly garner 7 seasons (and possibly more). As the series continues, fans will be interested to see how Netflix integrates the recent life events of the cast, including Heather Young’s marriage and journey to have children and Maya Vander’s devastating stillbirth. Both happy and sad, the Oppenheim has had a mix of tragedies and successes over the years, with a handful of powerful stories to share with audiences throughout the next 3 seasons. With the potential for positivity at the Oppenheim Group come season 5, the cast appears to be actively bettering themselves and the series.

Selling Sunset has surpassed its humble beginnings, now one of the most talked-about reality shows available on streaming. Beloved by some and criticized by others, Selling Sunset balances exploring the expertise that comes with selling homes, while also appealing to fans of the gossip and catty behavior that accompanies most reality shows. As the cast matures and learns to love one another, the women at Oppenheim have grown to choose support over petty conflict as the series goes into season 5. While the drama at the office is far from over, with some Selling Sunset feuds unresolved, fans can hold out hope for a hopefully less toxic, more engaging storyline as the series continues with 3 more seasons in the works.

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Source: Us Weekly

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