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Selling Sunset: Vanessa Explains How Wardrobe Changed Since Series Started

Vanessa Villela, featured on Netflix’s Selling Sunset, opened up about how her wardrobe and sense of style has changed since joining the series.

Vanessa Villela, a new agent from Selling Sunset season 4, shared the changes she made to her wardrobe for her role on the reality series. While the cast of the Netflix series has remained fairly consistent throughout its time on the streaming service, Vanessa and Emma Hernan’s entrance has been well-received by not only her fellow castmates but Selling Sunset fans as well. Less flashy than others at the office, Vanessa appears to be dedicated to learning about her craft and making the most of her experiences, both on the series and at the Oppenheim Group.

With large commissions and lavish lifestyles, filming Selling Sunset appears to be less glamorous than it appears after heavy editing for the small screen. The girls at the Oppenheim Group may be moving towards recovery since filming the last two seasons of the show, yet they’ve had plenty of drama on and off-screen. Vanessa, joining amidst major Selling Sunset drama, has expressed how chaotic the show has been behind the scenes, dealing with a number of different arguments and means of division amongst the Oppenheim agents. Trying her best to be neutral and add only good energy to the workplace, Vanessa has helped lead the series towards reconciliation and a healthier work environment.


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As shared by Page Six, Vanessa has opened up about changes in her life since joining Selling Sunset, especially the drastic changes in wardrobe that had to be made. From the get-go, Vanessa candidly shared that she “was not prepared” for joining the series, specifically regarding the high standards for attire during filming. With Christine’s eccentric and expensive fashion sense, alongside the fancy taste of the other Oppenheim women, Vanessa was thrown into the extravagance and expectations of the series. Even though Vanessa has been on television before, she wasn’t used to picking out her own outfits for her screen time. Having to import clothing, Vanessa gave insight into the incredibly high standards both the office and the series have for their agents, fashion and appearances holding great weight. Only confirming the superficiality of the office, Vanessa helped to give an inside look at the pressure that comes with joining the exclusive Oppenheim Group.

Even though Vanessa faced a lot of pressure to dress extravagantly for her television appearances on Selling Sunset, she did express that the series stepped in and helped “put [outfits] together for her” as the series progressed. As she learned how to dress the part, Vanessa even praised the controversial Christine Quinn for her impeccable style, claiming “she has the best clothes.” Straying from the group’s hate of Christine and trying to develop her own unique, “color[full]” style, Vanessa has certainly been a unique addition to the series. The real estate agent has continued to act according to her own convictions, rather than following the rest of the office, something much-needed at Oppenheim.

Unphased by the unprofessional behavior at the office, Vanessa appears to be thankful for the opportunity to sell real estate and join such a talented team of agents. While drama and fallout among co-workers have posed some obstacles for the newer additions to Oppenheim, Vanessa appears optimistic about the situation, even attempting to befriend some of the most disliked ladies at the office. With rumors of new beginnings on Selling Sunset, Vanessa gives a glimpse into both the difficulties of the series and also the possibility for positive changes at the Oppenheim Group.

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