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Superbad: Main Characters Ranked By Intelligence

Superbad is one of the most celebrated comedies of the 2000s. Fans of the movie can recall Superbad‘s many funny scenes. However, much of the movie’s humor comes from the actions of its memorable characters. Some of the characters like Fogell make for laughs with their foolish behavior.

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However, some of Superbad‘s characters are smarter than others. The conflicts showcased in the movie make characters use their brains to handle difficult situations. Some characters display their critical thinking as a result, while others present their lack of wits.

7 Officer Michaels

Seth Rogan’s Officer Michaels is one of the bumbling cops who chauffer Fogell around the town of the main characters. Some fans consider Superbad one of Seth Rogan’s best movies. Officer Michaels reveals he’s not as foolish as he appears at the end of Superbad. He tells Fogell he and Officer Slater know he isn’t of legal age.

However, there is a joke pointing out they don’t have the whole story when he says “we’re not idiots, McLovin.” There is an implication the cops are smart enough to tell Fogell isn’t twenty-five but assume he has a single first name. Furthermore, when Fogell asks if they knew the whole time, Micheal makes an expression indicating the answer is no.

6 Officer Slater

Most of the humor coming from Bill Hader’s Officer Slater and Officer Michaels comes from their foolishness. For most of the movie, audiences believe they mistake a 17-year-old high school student for a twenty-five-year-old Hawaiian named McLovin.

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Slater shows his lack of wits in his reckless behavior, like going on a joyride with a minor. He shows moments of intelligence like when he breaks up Jules’ party, sarcastically predicting the guests’ response in saying, “oh no it’s the cops,” when he opens the door.


5 Fogell

Christopher Mintz Plasse as McLovin in Superbad

Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s Fogell is memorable, and some fans consider him the funniest character in Superbad. His foolishness is implicit in his most memorable conflict, trying to buy alcohol with a fake ID. He decides to use a single name, which Evan and Seth point out will draw skepticism from potential clerks.

However, he shows that he uses critical thinking when he explains it was going to be either McLovin or Mohammed, as it is “the most commonly used name on Earth.” He misses the mark, but he uses smarts to get there. His intelligence comes up in other moments like his idea to seem like a desirable “bad boy” by having Officers Slater and Michaels fake arrest him and haul him out of Jules’ party.

4 Seth

Jonah Hill as Seth in Superbad

Jonah Hill’s Seth is one of the protagonists in Superbad and audiences get to know him more than many of its other characters. He shows his intelligence in several situations. He proves to be quick on his feet mentally.

When a stranger, Francis, backs into Seth after Fogell tries to be alcohol, he comes up with a plan. He cons Francis into bringing him and Evan to a party where they can get alcohol, threatening to get him thrown in jail if he refuses. However, he showcases his foolishness in some of his reckless behavior which gets him into jams throughout the film.

3 Becca

Martha MacIsaac’s Becca is one of the most likable characters in Superbad. She is cheerful and welcoming to most people she meets. She has moments of foolishness like when she drinks too much and gets herself sick. She embarrasses both herself and Evan with her lack of foresight.

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However, she showcases her emotional intelligence when she apologizes to Evan and takes responsibility for her actions. At the beginning of the film, Evan tries to convince her he is a socially active partier, but Becca is too smart to fall for his lies. She points out that she never sees him at parties and shows her disbelief in facial expressions.

2 Jules

Jules is Seth’s crush and the party she throws is an integral part of the plot. All the events of Superbad lead up to her big rager. She isn’t as developed as some of the other characters in the movie, but she showcases her smarts several times.

Jules shows her wits in a home economics class with Seth, making him laugh with jokes like her punny nickname “family Jules.” Her ability to come up with funny comments on the fly displays her quick thinking. Furthermore, she presents her emotional intelligence in forgiving Seth after he gives her a black eye. Jules is rarely presented acting foolish or dim-witted.

1 Evan

Michael Cera as Evan in Superbad

Evan is timider than his best friend Seth. Boisterous Seth pushes Evan to pursue his crush and party at Jules’. Evan wants to go, but is hesitant and weighs out the pros and cons of each situation he finds himself in. He showcases his intelligence in these interactions, and his caution shows a knack for reasoning.

When Seth is excited that Jules wants him to buy her alcohol for her party, he thinks she wants to get with him. Evan asks him if he ever stopped to think maybe she’s using him for his favor. His critical thinking and quick wits come up in interactions with others like this. Evan’s intelligence is implicit in his acceptance to Dartmouth, a prestigious college.

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