Don’t expect Macs at Apple’s iPhone 13 event today – but they could appear October 12

Apple is holding its big iPhone 13 launch today, which doubtless won’t have escaped your attention, and while we’re not expecting to see anything save the iPhone 13 itself and the Apple Watch 7 (probably) – plus the AirPods 3, most likely – we are not anticipating Tim Cook to round things off by unveiling something on the Mac front.

Rumor (and past form) has it that Apple will run two major events in the near future, and after today’s launch, there’ll be a second event to follow which will be a Mac and iPad reveal (with the new M1X-powered MacBook 14-inch and 16-inch debuting, and maybe a Mac mini too). We recently heard prolific Apple leaker Mark Gurman insist that the new MacBook Pros will actually be on shelves in the ‘next several weeks’.

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