The Canon EOS R3 is the F1 car of mirrorless cameras, but it’s still in Sony’s slipstream

The Canon EOS R3 has finally been released from the garage where it’s been hiding for the last six months – and the specs confirm that it’s the powerful, speedy F1 car of mirrorless cameras.

But this shiny showcase of Canon’s latest camera tech, as impressive as it is, also shows that Canon is still playing catch-up with its main rival in the manufacturer’s championship: Sony.

Sony’s engineers have been tinkering away in the mirrorless game for far longer than Canon. And this experience, combined with its vast R&D power, mean that in the key professional areas – sensors, EVFs, video, even next-gen hot-shoes – its cameras have already pioneered much of the tech seen in the EOS R3.

The front of the Canon EOS R3 mirrorless camera

(Image credit: Canon)

What Sony’s cameras haven’t yet done is pack all that goodness into a DSLR-style body that pro sports and wildlife shooters will take to like Lewis Hamilton on a Go Kart – and that’s where the Canon EOS R3 really shines.

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