Why the best winter workout tech is a pair of over-ear waterproof headphones

In London, we’re in the midst of a “wet” season. Every few months, more often if we’re unlucky, the heavens open for a week, and the city is bathed in a constant deluge that washes the dirt and grime away. This isn’t the kind of weather you just turn up your collar up, and an umbrella isn’t going to offer much protection, either; the downpours clean the streets of people as much as they do litter.

Where am I?

Where am I?

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Column number: 15
Date written: 07/10/21
Days in: 221
Current location: Oklahoma City, OK
Distance traveled:  859.41 miles
Distance left: 1426.51 miles
Current tracker: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

As you can imagine, this kind of weather isn’t exactly ideal for someone writing a column about running – it’s difficult to write about your running-related experiences if you’re spending all your time snuggled up in a dressing gown playing Dark Souls 2. 

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