Witness the world’s first cognitive intelligence TV with the Bravia A80J

The way we perceive the world is based on information coming from our eyes and ears to our brain at the same time. Our brain maps this data together to form an image of the world around us, taking into account colors, shapes, sounds, perspective, distance, and other details – all to paint the most vivid picture of what we’re seeing.

When it comes to watching TV, we expect that same level of immersion, but it’s often not that easy to accomplish. You have to consider so many different factors with a TV, such as the type of panel it uses, viewing angles, resolution, and a lot more. So, coming up with the best possible viewing experience is no easy task.

The Sony Bravia A80J takes TV viewing to brand new levels, thanks to its Cognitive Processor XR, which is able to revolutionize not only how you view your favourite content, but also how it sounds.

Sony Bravia A80J

(Image credit: Sony)

Redefining image quality

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