Slog PM: COVID Is Still a Killer, Jeopardy! Faves Return, and a Right-Wing March on Washington Eats Its Own Tail

Has anyone checked to see if that computer is available to host Jeopardy? Ben Hider / Stringer / Getty Images

COVID killed both parents of an 8-year-old Washington girl. Josie and Tom Burko weren’t anti-vax. They didn’t get the vaccine because of underlying health concerns. After attending the Grant County Fair in Central Washington, they both fell ill and passed away. Several dozen other cases have since been linked to the fair. The whole thing is just awful, awful, awful, awful. The pandemic isn’t even close to being “over.”


Get used to seeing more Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings. After the tumult over Mike Richards hosting Jeopardy!, the show will bring Mayim and Seattle’s own Ken back to host for the next few weeks. They certainly seem like pleasant hosts — I wouldn’t mind seeing either (or both!) of them take over on a permanent basis, and for LeVar Burton to get an even better gig at a show that actually knows how to appreciate him.

Another right-wing march on Washington? Sounds like fun! Far-right groups were planning to rally in DC this weekend, but now they’re spreading a conspiracy theory that the entire event is a plot to conduct mass arrests, so it’s possible nobody will show up. Honestly, it’s kind of funny that the event might be undone by the very gullibility that led its adherents to organize it in the first place.

Every hole’s a goal. Although in this case, the goal really should be to shrink it. The ozone hole over the south pole is bigger than ever — 75% bigger than previous years’ holes, and bigger than Antarctica. Though ozone-depleting chemicals were banned in 1987, they’re estimated to continue depleting Earth’s protective layer until the 2060s or 2070s.

Another Pride? Sure, why the hell not. Seattle Pride (that’s the big corporate one) announced a big in-person celebration for Sunday, October 9 at Volunteer Park. There’ll be food vendors, stages, games, and more — I think I prefer a bunch of little pridey parties throughout the year instead of one exhausting one in June.

France was not invited to a nuclear submarine party, and they’re pissed. The US, Australia, and UK just signed a pact involving the sharing of nuclear submarines, and now the French Foreign Minister is calling it a “stab in the back” that France was excluded. I am unable to stop thinking about a bunch of nuclear submarines shaped like baguettes.

Maybe France should be more worried about its anti-vax health care workers than its submarines. The country suspended three thousand health care workers who failed to get their shots. That still leaves 2.7 million on the job, but still, yikes. Even more suspensions may come on October 16, when workers are required to show that they’ve gotten a second shot.

I cannot wait for the rain to come. Wet weather starts tomorrow, starting with high winds in the morning and then downpours all weekend. A perfect time to start your winter knitting and crochet projects!

Anti-vaxxers killed this woman, her family says. Candace Ayers was fully vaccinated. In her obituary, her family wrote, “She was vaccinated but was infected by others who chose not to be. The cost was her life.” Harsh, but probably true. Vaccine mandates can’t come soon enough.

Conservatives seem like a really charming group of people. Here’s a Newsmax host getting emotional when someone dares say something less than flattering about his religious leader, Donald Trump.

A reminder that if you see a giant hornet, you shouldn’t kill it. Honestly, if it’s all the same to you I’d prefer to just run away.


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