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Trustees with the Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB) say they will have a plan to change the names of two London schools by December. 

A committee recommended Tuesday to rename Sir John A MacDonald Public School and F.D. Roosevelt Public School. Both names have historical ties to racism and discrimination. 

“We recognize that there has been racial injustice and there probably needs to be more inclusiveness within our board, and so we’re taking the proper measures to make sure that that’s rectified,” said Peter Cuddy, vice chair of the board. 

The board will look to the process used to rename a north London school last year as a template, Cuddy said. Each school will be reviewed one at a time, and the renaming will involve consultation with parents, constituents and community members. 

“We’ve taken a very strong position on this matter,” Cuddy said. 

The school name review committee was established to review all Thames Valley schools, facilities and learning environments named after individuals as per a motion passed in June 2021. 

The committee’s report also included recommendations to seek input from members of the community regarding several other school names and to provide access to accurate information about schools’ namesakes. 

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