Easy Ways to Introduce Coding to Preschoolers

Coding may sound like too big of a subject to teach to a child however, you couldn’t be further away from the truth. Children’s young minds are like sponges, they absorb anything and everything you feed to them. Thus they can take on big subjects such as coding.

All it takes is some fun and engagement and they’re all yours. Read on for some easy ways to introduce coding to preschoolers.

Tools to Introduce Coding to Preschoolers

For preschoolers, it is generally simpler to introduce learning any topic through fun hands-on activities and games. Pick games that require logical thinking and problem-solving skills. There are many coding for kids activities available. Some simple and fun activities and tools you can have them do include:

  • Building Blocks
  • Puzzle Games
  • LEGO Sets
  • Stem Games Online
  • Online Class Games

Building Blocks

Building blocks work well to stimulate the young minds of preschoolers. They encourage creativity and ingenuity. Building requires and encourages all the skills necessary to become a programmer. Furthermore, the art of building a stable and balanced structure with building blocks requires logical thinking.

Puzzle Games

Puzzles require problem-solving, a crucial skill required as a computer programmer. Just as puzzles are broken-up pictures that require acute problem-solving skills to put them back together, so is coding. This is a fun and engaging way to have them acquire a necessary skill.


Legos are building sets that come with instructions on how to build them for the desirable outcome, similar to coding. LEGO sets can teach preschoolers how to follow instructions and how to make their own instructions. Furthermore, LEGO sets vary for different ages and skill levels, meaning you can increase the level of difficulty as your child gets a hang of it.

Coding is all about instructions, following instructions to build, and creating instructions for others to follow and build. So train your child in preparing instructions through the LEGO sets.

Stem Games Online

STEM games (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are a good way to hone children’s skills in these specific subjects. The child gets to develop these skills much needed in coding while having fun, You can find some of these stem games online. If you’re into STEM, you may be interested in STEAM fields as well. There are many different categories of STEM games, we’ve listed some below.

  • Coding and Technology
  • Science and Strategy
  • Problem Solving and Cooperation
  • Logic and Engineering
  • Strategy and Spatial Development
  • Math and Logic

Kids can also learn how to make an online game, this is another way of getting to be innovative and then enjoy the fruits of their creativity.

Online Class Games

Play fun online class games during your online programming classes, this is a great way for students and teachers to interact in a fun learning manner over the Internet. These games are made to educate children in a fun and entertaining manner. Spark a little friendly competition to get the students excited and involved.

Teaching Method

Now that we’ve tackled a few tools you can use to introduce coding to the young, let’s take a look at the proper teaching approach to take.

  1. Let Them Take Charge: Teach them what you can and then let them take charge. Let their imagination run wild and try not to restrict them too much. Remember, the whole point of this is to make learning fun and less traditional. This will build their imagination and creativity. Let’s create their own problems and find solutions to them.
  2. Use Real-Life Situations: The best way to teach anyone a concept, especially young children, is by using real-life situations. Make up some real-life scenarios that they can relate to. Make them see how coding helps one find solutions to problems and they’ll love it.
  3. Make it Fun: The best way to get children to learn is by grasping their attention and the only way to do this is through making learning fun. Don’t be too serious. Kids’ programming is much more fun and exciting and all about letting children hone their creativity.

These are some easy ways to introduce coding to preschoolers. Not only will they have fun, but you will too— and all for a productive cause. So, invest in teaching our younger generation how to code, it’s well worth it.

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