Top 6 scandals of famous models


Show business stars are people who are constantly in front of fans, so all of the action is always visible to the whole world. Many try to hide in their homes to hide their personal lives from the eyes of the paparazzi, but from time to time there are scandals that cannot be avoided. In this article, we will look at the top 6 high-profile scandals involving famous models.

Kate Moss

The drug scandal (we remind you that the use of narcotics and any other illegal substances is dangerous to life and health. – Approx. Ed.), Which almost destroyed the model’s career, was initiated by the Daily Mirror in 2005. The cover of the newspaper featured Kate Moss using illegal substances. After such photos, many fashion houses terminated their contracts with Kate, she was blacklisted by famous shows. It was possible to correct the situation only thanks to the public apology of the model, she promised to reconsider her views on life and change.

Naomi Campbell

In March 2006, in a fit of rage, Naomi hit her maid Ana Skolavino on the head with a mobile phone. The blow was so strong that the girl had to stitch. The Manhattan court did not leave this act unpunished – the maid won the lawsuit against Naomi, and the Black Panther was sentenced to 5 days of corrective labor, which she spent mopping the floors in the garbage truck stop.

Cara Delevingne

In 2013, the H&M brand refused to sign a contract with Kara. The reason for this was a suspicious “bag” that fell out of the model’s bag when she was looking for keys at the entrance of her house in London. The paparazzi managed to capture the moment when Delevingne hastily closes the fallen bag with his foot, and, although the composition of the contents of the substance has not been established, the world community turned away from Cara for a while.

Kendall Jenner

A harmless, at first glance, Pepsi advertisement with Kendall Jenner caused a flurry of negativity from Internet users and the further removal of the video by PepsiCo. According to the plot of the advertisement, Kendall becomes the leader of the protest movements in America. Along with the parade of protesters, she approaches the police cordon and holds out a can of soda to one of the servants of the law. To which the policeman reacts positively, like “Peace, friendship, chewing gum.” PepsiCo was accused of mercantile use of the actual problem of racial inequality in the United States in order to increase the reach of an advertising campaign.

Bella Hadid

An ambiguous photo on Instagram * (recognized as an extremist organization in the Russian Federation) of Bella became the reason for the model’s public apology to subscribers from the Middle East. Bella posted Stories that featured her foot in front of an airport airfield. If you look closely at the location of the foot, it may seem that Bella is “stepping” on the flags of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, located on the tails of the planes in the background. Noticing this, the fans accused the model of racism and even brought the hashtag to the top of Twitter #BellaHadidIsRacist. After that, Bella made a formal apology, noting that she took the photo in the early morning waking up, not implying any political motives in it. Moreover, she herself has roots in the Middle East.

Linda Evangelista

More recently, the world of show business began to discuss another news – model Linda Evangelista returned to the modeling industry after unsuccessful plastic surgeries.

In the 90s, Linda Evangelista was one of the most successful models along with Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford. But recently she did not appear in public at all and refused to shoot. The fact is that the model was the victim of unsuccessful liposuction.

Linda spoke candidly about the unsuccessful cosmetic procedure for “freezing fat” on the Zeltiq Coolsculpting machine. The model wanted to reduce the area of ​​the chin, hips, and décolleté. However, instead, she only began to gain weight. According to the star, she has already undergone two liposuction surgeries, but the bulges come back again and again. Since 2015, she has not tried to hide from the public eye, but it seems that Evangelista was able to overcome her fear. The supermodel of the 90s is returning to the industry and doing it very effectively.

Linda posed for a new advertising campaign for the Fendi brand. She poses with the famous bags of the Baguette Fashion House and in three baseball caps at once, proving that there are definitely no restrictions in fashion today.

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