How to get through a paper you can’t seem to write

As it is usually said, writing is a skill and because people, especially students have different academic strengths, the skill flows naturally in some while others keep struggling. Those with no flair for writing see any type of writing as burdensome and monotonous. However, the truth remains that anybody can put pen to paper and start writing if only they become committed.

Sometimes, it takes a little push, determination, and leaving the web of procrastination and imposter syndrome. Perhaps, you are amidst the set of people still struggling to write their papers. We’ve found some helpful tips to get by and start to write that paper you just can’t seem to write.

Here are a few tips to follow:

Start writing anyway

The fact remains that you have to begin writing. The quicker you put your pen to paper, the clearer you are. This is a great way to get through with your paper, to simply start writing!  Ignore the doubts that you cannot write your papers because the moment you begin writing, ideas begin to flow. No matter how long it takes, sit down and get to work, and you will be amazed at how much you would achieve when you start and continue with that pace.

At the initial point, your aim should not be to get it right at first. Usually, some college students believe they must write perfect lines at the beginning and this is probably because they are around seemingly good, eloquent, and experienced writers and this makes them think they need to write like them. This is not usually true, as you cannot compare your own experience in writing with theirs. Play down every thought and feeling that you are not good enough and that you lack the idea for details.

There could also be a feeling that your ideas are not coherent but do not worry, you are putting your critical thinking skills into use and if you do not give up, it would eventually pay off.  Start writing and after some time, take a break and go through what you have written, putting together the ideas you deem fit, taking out those that are not good enough. The whole essence is to start putting things together in order to accomplish your aim of writing a paper.

Establish outlines

Another thing to do when you begin writing is to create outlines for the topic you are writing, as it gives you direction and focus, so you don’t beat about the bush. The outline is the important element your paper should contain. If you don’t have an idea, yet, then you need to start brainstorming to see what you should have.  It is well understood that this is not something you love to do, but creating strong outlines works in your favor to make the writing process simple.

However, there is no doubt that there are persons who wouldn’t need to create outlines before they craft something beautiful. Are you one? If your answer to the question is NO, then, you need to take out time to research how to write an outline.  When you successfully write down an outline, it is as though the work is completed.

Don’t try to be perfect

When you try to be perfect, your productivity is hampered. As stated above, be flexible enough to ignore the idea to be perfect. The truth is, you won’t get everything figured out at your first trial, as you’ve got to continue working at it. Put down a few rough drafts, and subject them to your own review, checking out the gray areas such as grammar and sentence errors, and a host of others. This is an effective process to upgrade the quality of your paper. In no time, you would be getting headway.

Imbibe full concentration

Again, for the period of time you will spend on your paper, concentration is important. When you fully concentrate, there is a flow of ideas as supposed to be haphazard in organization. To beat distraction, a quiet environment would be your best bet. Ensure there are no gadgets with you that would stop the flow of ideas. You can take a break for a few minutes to refresh your brain before setting to work again.

However, as important as it is to write your paper yourself, there is no denying the fact that there are times when you don’t have the motivation or perhaps, time to write. In this case, you could just turn to essay writing companies and pay to write a paper. These are professionals that render help when it comes to reliable essay writing services

Choose quality over quantity

Supposing there is a total word count for you to achieve, it is better to write quality information than to fill the pages with fluffy and unnecessary words in the bid to fill up the word count. If you do this, you will only be wasting your time and efforts.

Write your introduction and conclusion last

You will agree with me that getting started is usually the hardest part of writing a paper, yeah? And here, you are asked to write an introduction. How are you to write an introduction on what you have no idea about? This is why your introduction and the conclusion should be the last item on the list to be touched.

This is because, at the time of completing the body of the paper, you already have an idea of what it entails. With this knowledge, your introduction would not be as hard as it would be at the initial time when you do not have an idea. The same applies to the conclusion, as you cannot write a conclusion without having completed the paper.

Ask for feedback

Whenever you have the opportunity, always ask for feedback, as this makes you ascertain the rate at which you have improved. It also gives you an idea as to the areas to improve more on. Sometimes, a university don could give you feedback, especially if it has to do with your thesis. This way, you’d know the possible corrections to incorporate.


The process of writing a paper could be a tiring one, no doubt, but it is also rewarding. As a process, writing a paper involves varieties of elements of which some have been mentioned above. We believe that following those guides would make your next writing project a rather smooth one.

If in any case, you try these guides, and it still happens that you’re stuck, your next alternative would be to seek the assistance of a custom essay writing service depending on the circumstances around your paper.

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