Cerner EMR Vs. Meditech EHR – A Complete Comparison of Features

The two software programs offer superb features that make them prominent in the health care market. They likewise have a few tremendous contrasts in size, features, and specifications that may suit your specific requirement best. Along these lines, we should let you dive deep into this article to explore more parts of Cerner EMR Vs. Meditech EHR.

What is Cerner EMR? 

The Cerner electronic medical record (EMR) is an integrated database solution designed to facilitate healthcare professionals to electronically store, capture and access patient health information in both the acute and ambulatory care setting.

Cerner EMR Software is the US leader in healthcare IT solutions, offering an exhaustive, integrated platform to manage huge hospitals and clinical and regulatory prerequisites. It positions among the best two medical care IT suppliers along with Epic. Cerner believes there are two dynamic gatherings in the medical services field: the patient and the specialist. Thus, Cerner associates with genuine specialists while building programming to understand what makes the product simple to use in the clinical setting.

The objective is to plan software that specialists and patients the same will appreciate. Cerner likewise perceives the truth of doctor burnout and gives procedures to handle the burnout plague in doctors worldwide.

Cerner EMR’s Key Features

Patient Involvement: The software offers features that increase patient involvement. Cerner patient portal empowers patients and allows them to securely share messages with their doctors, schedule appointments, review their health data, request refills, and submit crucial files or information to their providers with the help of a cloud-based portal. You can also use the portal to distribute educational and awareness materials that clinicians can utilize to better educate their patients about medical issues.

Interoperability: This robust feature helps you recognize patients between referrals and the required tracking documents, even if you did not provide the care at your office. The CommonWell Alliance, which you might coordinate with the Cerner EHR programming, can help you work with interoperability with a cross-country organization of medical services offices. Cerner makes the most recent health information updates available to doctors, enabling them to make more educated decisions about each patient.

Enhanced Clinical Documentation: Cerner’s clinical documentation feature is intended to finish up quiet information and classified data as just as could be expected. For instance, Cerner EHR permits you to take notes through verbal portrayal because the program can change them over entirely to a text-based design. This feature improves the system for you and makes collecting patient data much more accessible.

Cerner Mobile App: Cerner EMR programming incorporates an incredible mobile application that you might use on your cell phone to check patient charts, demand orders, assess diagnostics, and more. The portable application permits you to control and access any capability in your EMR that you could beforehand do nearby. Numerous Cerner EMR audits stress how vital the application’s comfort is!

Pre-built Templates: The product gives many pre-build customized formats from which you can choose and decide if they meet your needs. Since much time in clinical practices is spent finishing up structures, finding EMR programming with a layout you like is critical.

Revenue Cycle Management: The revenue cycle management feature enables you to improve your efficiency while likewise controlling your spending in your clinical practice. It investigates your cash and lets you know where you’re missing the mark and where you want to move along.

Cerner EMR Software Modules 

Cerner EMR software is divided into three modules;

  • PowerChart Ambulatory EHR
  • CareTracker by Cerner
  • Cerner Millenium.

ONC-ATCB certified A Power Chart Ambulatory solution by Cerner. Modules one and two are suitable for independent, ambulatory, or primary care facilities. Lastly, the Cerner Millennium 3rd EMR module is best for large enterprise healthcare providers with multiple departments & specialties.

What makes Cerner EMR different from others?

Cerner EMR Improves the quality and efficiency of care facility, combines financial, operational, and clinical data for extensive examination, connects offices many miles separated in different settings, including intense, sub-intense, walking, and recovery conditions, and Accesses current and complete patient data such that best suits your custom requirements.

What is Meditech? 

Meditech EMR assists health care providers in managing their everyday activities to give effective treatment and better client support. In addition, health associations of all sizes depend on it to deal with tasks, for example, charting and documentation, scheduling, revenue management, and more.

It permits doctors to document and chart patient data electronically, prompting expanded productivity, supported income, and further developed medical care quality. It additionally upholds organizations to oversee at-home persistent errands, place orders, plan arrangements, the bill for administrations, and oversee documentation.

Key Features are: 


Data Documentation: Document and chart a patient’s information while investing significant energy zeroing in on patients. Record a patient’s data and save it for further future use.

Population Health: Recognize local trends and improve individual health outcomes by collecting and comparing medical data from multiple students for better health care.

Revenue cycle management: This feature management and analyze health facility performance.

Nurse and Specialty Care: These tools enable nurses and other practitioners to provide care in the patient’s home. It supports oncology, critical care, surgical services, and labor and delivery.

Patient Portal: This setup allows patients to communicate with doctors and schedule appointments.

Interoperability: Empower a consistent data flow between systems for greater accuracy and efficiency. Share clinical information and trade orders with intense emergency clinics, utilizing a one-contact record framework.

Activity Management: Gain visibility into nurse and practitioner activities to track working hours.

Mobility: View real-time patient data, prioritize and sort summaries, and access documentation capabilities. It also lets patients and doctors view allergies, lab results, medications, and more with Health Records on iPhone, which syncs with the patient portal.

Key differentiators & advantages of Meditech EHR

Meditech is an intuitive EHR software for smooth charting, documentation, and patient information recovery. Clients found that it helps keep data flawlessly and safely coordinated, bringing about a smooth client experience. Without overpowering clients, the stage empowers usability and route. It additionally increases treatment precision by foreseeing determination. It facilitates you with Fewer Errors, More Accurate Treatment, and More Patient Engagement. It ensures the Security of Information and offers 24/7 customer Support for handling data backups, recovery management, mobile access, regular upgrades, and ongoing maintenance.

 Which software to select?  

Cerner EMR and Meditech EHR are two top-level healthcare solutions available in the market. Cerner solution offers features such as Appointment Management, Mobile App, Charting, E-Prescribing, E/M Coding, etc. Meditech EHR provides Document Management, Time Tracking, Appointment Management, Patient Registration, Charting, and other functionalities.

Even though we can’t choose for you, we can recommend a few strategies for how you can make this decision. First, we suggest you look at the Cerner EMR and Meditech EHR demo to see which solution would suit your practice more. Likewise, we offer you a look at Cerner EMR Vs. Meditech EHR reviews for a superior picture.

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